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Adam's Skype, Telegram, & Whatsapp Policy

Updated: Jan 5

Image above courtesy Whatsapp

1. Why did Adam need to create a Skype, Telegram, & Whatsapp policy?

2. My Whatsapp/Telegram/Skype Basic Policy

3. Exceptions to my policy where I am willing to shift to an insecure platform early on in the conversation

4. When I won't make exceptions

5. It's important that I guard my time so that I have more time to devote to legitimate requests.

6. Catfish/scammers are wasting their time on me. Ignorance is a primary factor of their target demographic, but it sometimes takes them a while to figure out that I'm not.

7. What if someone's English is such that they don't feel comfortable discussing things over audio?

8. What if I'm in a different time zone?

9. What if I Want to Work with Adam But Won't Abide by His Search Activation Policy or Whatsapp Policy?

10. What can legitimate buyers & sellers do if they don't like my policy?


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