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Catfish Sellers Targeting Real Estate Agents

Updated: Feb 2

I field a high volume of both SPAM & SCAMS, so much so that I have created template responses when someone is suspected to be either with how to respond in those situations. Below I'll be going over how real estate agents should deal with catfish sellers, who pretend to be legitimate sellers but who are not.

I recently received a Scam Alert from the Chesapeake Bay & Rivers Association of Realtors:

While some are familiar with catfish buyers, it can be those seeming to sell as well. I didn't see a good article specific to how agents could handle the situation, so I created this one.

How to Spot a Catfish Seller

How to Protect Legitimate Sellers with Standard Protocols

How to Prevent a Vacant Property Real Estate Scam: Per Secret Service

Full Document from Secret Service

For more information relevant to catfish sellers and for information focused on catfish buyers, go here.

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