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What to Look for in a Buyer's Agent for Your Home or Other Real Estate

Updated: Feb 9

In this article I wanted to go over how to locate a buyer's agent suitable for a home purchase.

Importance of Choosing a Great Buyer’s Agent

For prospective buyers' agents, it's a good idea to investigate them online. Below I'll give you tools on what to look for and what to find out in an interview.

Items to look for before contacting a prospective agent if not receiving a referral from another agent who you've told key details to about your preferences:

Do They Cover my Target Area & Price Range?

How Experienced Are They?

How are Their Reviews?

What Are They Communicating?

What Have They Published?

Faith Preferences

Property Type


Items to look for before & in your prospective agent's appointment:

Industry Knowledge

What Gadgets/Physical Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Digital Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are available for searches & for research properties found independently (up to 5 with Adam)?

What's their buyer brokerage policy?

How do they handle agent showing fill-ins?

Do they lock you into using their lender?

How do they handle dual agency?

If you need a buyer's agent, and I serve your area in the price range that you're looking in, feel free to reach out to me.

Even if I don't serve your desired area in your price range, I can often provide a referral Monday-Saturday. That said, at unusually low price points (i.e. $30k on a 3% commission), I may be unable to do that, with few exceptions. An example of an exception at an unusually low price point/commission is if you are a non-profit working towards a cause that I care deeply about, like combatting human trafficking. For something like that, no matter the price point, I can still provide referrals.

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