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Real Estate Auctions

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

In this article I'll be going through information including the following:

  1. Unique Elements of Auctions

  2. Auction Tips

  3. Sites to check for auctions

  4. Example

1. Unique Elements of Auctions:

Cash Only More Often Than Typical Properties


Buyer Premiums

High Earnest Money Deposits

No Showings, Inspections, or Appraisals Allowed More Often Than Typical Properties

2. Auction Tips:

Don't Casually Browse

Don't Rely Exclusively on Agent Searches

Use an Honest & Knowledgeable Buyer's Agent

Use an Agent w/ Great Gadgets for Visually Seeing Properties

Bad Marketing Means a Better Deal Usually, But More Time

If No Viewing or Inspections are Allowed, Be Prepared to Take a Significant Financial Hit

More Details if No Showings Allowed

Go to the Auction Website

Save a PDF of the Auction Information

3. Sites to Check for Auctions: (17 properties in VB on 10.25.23)

More National Websites

Websites Not National But Include or Exclusively SE VA

Lists of Additional Websites

Auction sites that do NOT have real estate

Zillow Example


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