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Guide to HUD Homes

Updated: May 3

1. Owner Occupants, Nonprofits, & Government Agencies Only May Initially Make Offers

2. No Escalation Clauses are possible (biggest negative of HUD homes).

3. Bid Deadlines Mean There's no Reason to Rush to the Home on Day 1

4. Price Reductions & Going Below or Above List Price (i.e. 63% went above list in Hampton Roads; average price/list price was 6% above asking price, but up to 50% above)

5. Different Offer Process

6. Utilities Typically Aren't On, & You'll Typically Need to Pay for & Cut Them On Yourself if Looking to do an Inspection

7. Check the property condition report” on

8. Listing Agents Don't Get Offers Directly

9. Meaning of "Insured", "Insured w/ Escrow", & "Uninsured"

10. "Home Sold Subject to CFR 206.125"

11. Buyer Financing Incentives

12. 50% Off Limited Options w/ Full-Time “EMTs, Teachers, Firefighters, & Law Enforcement"

12. More from others

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