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Finding Off-Market Properties

Updated: Jan 8

Above: Property I sold that had a "We Buy Houses" offer prior to listing where I netted the seller more by selling on the open market.

In this article, I wanted to go into how buyers can locate off-market properties.

#1 Source of Heavily Discounted Properties for Buyers, But Consider Ethics

Avoid Misleading Language Common to "We Buy Houses" Offers

Properties Where Seller Has an Agent

Deadlines on Offers



How You can Find the Owner Name & Mailing Address from Tax Records

Use 3rd Party Websites to Find Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Where to Find Off-Market Properties

Pay Someone Else to Find them For You

Some Buyers Reach Out to Listing Agents Looking for Off Market Deals, but Adam Won't be a Good Source of These Out of Policy


Special Programs & Otherwise that Won't Hit MLS


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