I. What I Can Offer

What I Offer to Buyers and Sellers
I seek out creative solutions to resolving problems and helping my clients save time and money, such as offering live or recorded video to those out of state, whether for repairs completed for sellers or showings for buyers. 
To find creative solutions, I use the wealth of knowledge at Greg Garrett Realty, including that of my father, who has had a higher sales volume than anyone in many Hampton Roads cities for around 3 decades at the time of this writing. I also apply research techniques to find methods that people who have been in the industry for decades have never seen, which was helped in part by my 8 months in the marketing department prior to entering into sales. 
My honesty is both the biggest reason why sellers that interview me decide not to list with me and one of the top reasons why people that decide to work with me love me. I compete against other Realtors who know that by inflating the value that they say a home is worth and by telling them that it doesn't need any work even if it does that they will be more likely to get the listing. If you see my reviews and online recommendations, you will find multiple reviewers talk about how much I value ethics, taking care of my clients' best interest, etc. 
When you work with me, you get the personalized feel of a one-man show, with the kind of support that makes Greg Garrett Realty a one-stop shop. I don't use transaction coordinators, which means that you won't feel like you're talking to an assembly line of agents, secretaries, and others nearly as much with me as you will with many others. I can personally help in areas that go beyond the realm of real estate. At the same time, for matters where my expertise is limited, I can connect you with others, such as the director of our senior division for elderly clients with real estate related senior specific needs who can provide his services free of charge, lenders from multiple banks, a closing company, a GGR property management division, & a contractor service, who are all located in the Greg Garrett Realty corporate complex in Oyster Point of Newport News.

What I Offer to Sellers

My marketing is so effective that I would like to describe an exemplary listing where I received an offer $40,000 higher than the closed price of another agent. On that occasion, a listing of mine had 3 offers while I listed it. The seller went against my advice and rejected the highest offer. Shortly after they listed with another Realtor, convinced that I was not marketing the property enough despite marketing efforts that far exceeded that of a typical listing, likely in the top 5% of active marketing for homes. After multiple price reductions, a year later, it sold through that other agent, one of the top agents in VA, for $40,000 less than the offer that they had rejected while I was the listing agent that I recommended that they not reject. Keep in mind that the market had appreciated during that year. 

In cities where I serve the most sellers, I can offer more Greg Garrett Realty advertising of nearby properties on Realtor.com and Zillow.com in many Hampton Roads cities than any other firm in Hampton Roads. Zillow is the number one place that buyers go to online besides the properties that agents send them directly. Realtor.com is one of the top 5 places where buyers go. Greg Garrett Realty spends over $50,000 a month on these two sources alone, in addition to their spending on many other sources. We are the top advertiser on both sources in Hampton Roads. By advertising on neighboring properties, when buyers contact us about a neighboring property that is not listed with Greg Garrett Realty, we can then direct them to properties that are listed with us. To give you an idea of just how powerful Zillow is, see the Google statistics below where people are searching on Google more for Zillow than "real estate" or "realtor" at the time of this writing.

Greg Garrett Realty is the exclusive real estate firm helping incoming white collar workers receiving the Newport News Shipyard relocation package. The shipyard is the number one employer in all of Hampton Roads. This relationship brings buyers into Greg Garrett Realty. I am on the "shipyard team" at Greg Garrett Realty, and have helped buyers with the shipyard to purchase homes, including for over $500,000. We partner with numerous other businesses and organizations, including Riverside hospital, the 5th highest employer in Hampton Roads.


Greg Garrett Realty has had over 4,000 past clients, bringing a wealth of past buyers to the table to help you find a home buyer. 


I have developed social media marketing strategies where I can get your home in front of thousands of people near the home you are going to sell.  


  I have secured locations in dozens of business in Hampton Roads cities where I can place marketing for the home that you are going to sell in locations in your city so that incoming customers can see your home. While I do not always perform this service, you are welcome to include it in a listing agreement. 


Some sellers sell from out of state, and in order to better explain to them the paperwork involved with a listing agreement, I made a video, which you can see here. You can also see my page dedicated to what we can do remotely/digitally here


Some sellers want to maximize the profits on their home, but do not have the money to fix it to the point where it would sell for top dollar. At Greg Garrett Realty, we can sometimes have repairs completed without any initial expense of the seller, with the money needed for those repairs paid for from the proceeds of the sale. 

I offer free home valuations for those looking to sell. 


II. Examples of My Marketing

A Foldover Brochure I Put Together

Highlight Sheets I Put Together