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Digital Options When Buying or Selling 

The options with video today are extensive, whether viewing a property or looking at forms together. I have helped buyers and sellers in other states successfully buy and sell properties. In addition to a visual image of a home, I also assist digitally with your home search and with paperwork, which can almost always be done entirely online (the few cases where it can't is when wet signatures are required and similar situations with certain sellers). 


With buyers, I have helped buyers purchase with sight unseen where they just see my video showings of properties. In some cases out of town buyers opt to visit Hampton Roads for showings, and sometimes it has been a combination of both video and visits. In addition to showings, I have also videoed or taken pictures of inspections for buyers with home inspectors and termite/moisture inspectors if they couldn't make it. Video walkthroughs are especially helpful with matters that the pictures online don't show, whether there are only a few pictures online or there are negatives that were purposely excluded from any pictures. Even with Matterport technology, there are many angles of the property that are still missed every time, such as inside kitchen cabinets, underneath sinks, close ups of labels of appliances & HVAC, differences in the property from when the pictures were taken such as if pictures were taken on a rainy day or if a showing is during a rainy day, etcetera. I offer HD recorded footage with a video camera or live footage with my latest Samsung Plus (the newest model at the time of this writing). I have unlimited cloud storage for recorded video, currently with 100's of GB of video that I've shot. For live video, we can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook, all of which included group video chat if you would like to include anyone else such as family members who are advising you even if they are not going to live there.


For sellers, I can check on work done by contractors and take pictures of that work, monitor the home periodically during temperatures that might freeze pipes and following hurricanes, etc. I can help organize contractors to work on homes to get them to a place to sell for top dollar, or assist with contractors for work following inspections. 

For additional information for listing agents that hesitate before allowing a buyer's agent or buyers to take pictures in their listings for personal reference with seller permission, see my thoughts on the matter here.

Be Sure to Turn Your Volume Up on this Last One - External Speakers Are Especially Helpful

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