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Buyer Ratified Contract! Now What?

Updated: Apr 22

Here I'll be going over various items regarding ratified contracts for buyers.

REIN Offers vs VAR Offers

Deadlines Caveat - Go by the Contract if Standard Provision Below Not Used

Inspection items to note:

Available inspectors providing reports a low time following inspections is ideal:

What to Ask Inspectors

How to Arrange for Scheduling

If you'll be there, what to bring & how you may want to participate:

Inspector mistakes & my release of liability regarding your inspector choices:

What to expect upon receipt of the home inspection & what to request once you receive the inspection:

Don't send the inspection to your lender:

If you saw the home with another agent instead of Adam, especially over video...

VAR Offers w/ inspection contingency:


Septic/well if applicable

Other items to note:

Turn in your earnest money deposit asap.

Ensure your contact info & documents associated with the ratified contract are submitted to closing company within 24 hrs of ratification

If Using a Mortgage: Deadline to apply for your loan

VAR Offers: pay for appraisal within 5 business days of ratification:

REIN Offers: If inspecting, hold off on appraisal until after agreement made following inspections:

REIN Offers: If not performing a home inspection, order the appraisal.

Flexible moving plans are ideal.

Don't stop searching as long as contingencies remain (i.e. home inspection).

Ensure funds will be ready once you need them at closing time.

HOA/Condo Packet Contingency

Don't Communicate Directly with the Seller, Tenant, or Listing Agent


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