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Detailed Questions for Home Inspectors

See the related page here for basic elements of service provider determinations & here for termite/moisture inspector questions. If you're my client, ask me for my spreadsheet of home inspectors if you want to choose one yourself. In it I have answers to many of the below questions already for a number of inspectors.

How much would a home inspection at (address) with ___ sq ft & ___ acres cost including (See note) and when would your first availability be?

Insert here if a shed, detached garage, pool, thermal imaging inspection, other detached structure, or additional inspection requested.

Even if you don't request a thermal imaging inspection, ask them, "Do you perform thermal imagery inspections with no additional fee?" If they do one standard for no additional fee, it's superior to one that doesn't, all other factors the same. Also if they do one for no additional fee, they do them all the time most likely and the quality could be superior to someone who charges additionally for them.

Do you offer any discounts? Examples include 1st time buyer discounts, military discounts, 1st responder discounts, etc.

When would the report be ready?

What certifications do you have & what types of inspections can you perform?

How many home inspections have you performed personally in your career?

Are you a 1 or 2 man team?

What physical tools/gadgets do you have available for inspections?

How much do you charge for re-inspections?

Additional Questions Sometimes Helpful

If using a REIN offer, the typical offer form in Hampton Roads, you should designate the various kinds of inspections your home inspector and other inspectors will perform within the offer itself, specifically on the Property Inspection Contingency Addendum.

If using a Virginia Association of Realtors offer, (typical outside of Hampton Roads in SE VA), you don't need to inform the seller of all the kinds of inspections you plan to perform.

If working with Adam, & you desire to perform a radon inspection, he has a radon detector that can be used at no cost to you (but which should be disclosed if using a REIN offer form), but keep in mind that he has no form of inspector certification. The detector is simple to use, however. He also has a separate 4 gas detector & thermal imaging camera but again no formal training/certifications on their use. For his most up-to-date list of tools/gadgets, see here.

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