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Where Hampton Roads Investors Can Find Upcoming Development

Today I had a meeting with an investor who was asking me about areas with up and coming development. I shared some resources with him that I thought would be worthwhile to share here, adding some additional examples etc. in some research that followed:

One of the main things that I shared with him is to look for new construction in pre-existing communities. For that, I searched the agent version of REIN MLS 1800 days back for new construction sales.

When looking for areas that way, relatively high is good, but watch out for too heavy of concentration of new construction, since that's typically going to be a new construction community, as in this case:

Besides that, the news, as well as the local Chamber of Commerces are a good place to look. I pointed out to him the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. Here's their regional news. Here’s a few example articles from there that you might find of interest:

The Peninsula has their own, but at the moment it doesn’t provide as much that would apply here as the Hampton Roads Chamber’s when it comes to news on upcoming progress etc. unless I’m missing something:

Besides the Chamber of Commerce, the Work Force Council is another decent resource: Media Highlights (

i.e. this article:

While many investors don't take this step, & I generally don't recommend banking on new proposed development or creating criteria that depends on a future possibility, it's good to know what could happen, and in some cases, it pays for itself in a major way if you get in at the start.

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