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Unrepresented Buyer Wants to Make an Offer on Agent's Listing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It's important to note the following:

A. Even if there is a deadline on offers, sometimes, but not always, buyers and sellers will be willing to agree to something prior to the deadline if the offer from the buyers is particularly enticing, especially in cases with a long deadline. Expeditious showings after properties hit the market & expeditious offers are very important.

B. Be sure to include a preapproval &/or proof of funds with your offer.

There are a variety of options for how you could go about an offer:

1. The typical approach, which around 86% of buyers opt for, is to make an offer with an agent. There are different approaches to that:

Designated Agency: Listing Agent Represents Seller & An Agent from the Same Firm Represents Buyer

Dual Agency: Listing Agent Represents Buyer & Seller

Using an Agent Outside of the Listing Agent's Firm

How A Referral From the Listing Agent Can Help

How A Referral From the Listing Agent Can Hurt: Buyer's Remorse

When Not to Seek a Referral from the Listing Agent

2. Unrepresented Buyer (No Agent Representation)

Your Chances of Making a Mistake

Increased Risk for the Seller

Reduce Commissions for Sellers

How to Better Your Chances if Buying Unrepresented

Offer Template

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