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Search Activation & Keeping Active

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

One of the most common & best ways that buyers find real estate properties to purchase is through their buyer's agents. According to NAR, "86% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker." Some buyers rely exclusively on their agent, some don't rely on their agent at all to find properties, and most buyers do some of their own searches & have a feed of properties from their agent, which is the approach that I recommend.

1. How to activate & keep active a portal search

2. Locating Email Notification

3. Why are searches with agents typically better than what buyers come up with on public websites?

4. Why an active search with updates (public & agent generated) as properties change & hit the market is far superior to browsing occasionally, saving buyers time, helping buyers get properties they wouldn't be able to otherwise, & helping buyers save $

5. Why an active search with a real estate agent is even more important in Hampton Roads than Richmond & the Northern Neck in SE VA

6. When to use public search techniques

7. Searches are just the beginning with real estate buyer's agents

How to keep a portal search active (by MLS used):

If you stop clicking the searches, after a while, they'll deactivate. The same is true if your search is so narrow that no new results come in any 90 day period. To prevent that from happening, it's much the same process as initial activation, where you need to open each search being used either from 1 of each search's emails or from within the MLS portal(s).

Best practices for a well-running active search

Email Senders by MLS used

What 5 MLS Adam has access to:

Why some agent searches are much better than others


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