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How To Join Zoom & Screen Share On Zoom

Updated: Feb 16

Why Zoom?

Two of the features that I've found extremely beneficial are the use of Zoom & screen sharing for meetings. Zoom has integrated options for recording the meeting, remote desktop, etc. I pay for a Zoom account and the clients I work with don't need to have a paid account to join the Zoom sessions that I create. While I have some options that are free for all as well, they're not as good as Zoom in many activities. For instance, many video platforms don't allow you to Zoom in, which is a critical aspect of many walk throughs of homes for buyers and sellers. Integrated options for recorded video and remote desktop are also not typical on free platforms.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting for the first Time

Best Practices on Zoom with Adam When Meeting About Business

Alternatives to Zoom

How to Screen Share on Zoom

How I Help My Clients with Zoom & Related Activities

Will I be Asked to Screen Share with Adam?


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