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House Issues by Year

Updated: Jun 19

I looked into some of the top articles available online regarding house issues by year, and found them helpful, but no single article was truly what I was looking for. This article is a compilation of some of those articles as well as other information I've gathered over my experience as a real estate agent.

Keep in mind as well that sometimes, newer problems exist in older homes when something was replaced. Also, sometimes older homes have elements that are superior to typical new construction. In addition, sometimes a neighborhood with 1 typical issue has 1 or more homes where the issue has been resolved. I am a licensed real estate agent, not a contractor or home inspector. Accordingly, I'll be quoting & citing/linking sources heavily.

%'s Below are % of Sales in Hampton Roads (VA)

Pre-1900 (.2%)

1900-1909 (.6%)

1910-1919 (1.6%)

1920-1929 (1.3%)

1930-1939 (1.3%)

1940-1949 (4.9%)

1950-1959 (8.8%)

1960-1969 (10.5%)

1970-1979 (9%)

1980-1989 (17.6%)

1990-1999 (11.5%)

2000-2009 (13.4%)

2010-2019 (7.9%)

2020-2023 (11.3%)

Details on Some of the Issues:

Lifespan of various Home Components <<<<<____________________________>>>>


EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finishing System)


Lead-Based Paint

Among the sources I used, I drew most heavily from this article by Waypoint Property Inspection, but as you'll see above, according to my research, they had a number of items missing (i.e. earlier versions of EIFS) & some things that they had that should have been in additional decades. Links are primarily to locations outside of this website from sources for this article.


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