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Basic Elements of Service Provider Determinations

Updated: Jan 10

In real estate transactions & outside of real estate transactions, it can be helpful to know how to find service providers. While no referral is foolproof, even the best-reviewed companies have their problems, & someone who served you before might no longer be in the business, taking the steps below can help to mitigate the likelihood of issues.

How to find potential service providers/places of business:

Reviews generally:

Where to Check Online Reviews

Get a referral

Use someone who you've already worked with and had positive experiences with

Close Proximity

Get a list of possibilities from Adam

Check their Business License on DPOR &/OR SCC Status Before Hiring

Outreach method to potential service providers:

Email/Send message on website


Textual "chat"


Video chat

Confirm Receipt of Links

What questions to ask:

The questions to ask can vary substantially when you reach out to a particular service provider, but some of the most important questions are:



What's included

What level of expertise does the service provider/business have

Check their license & any complaints on the state website

What kind of team does the service provider use if they are not a 1 man operation

Questions specific to certain providers

There are some metrics that can be helpful to note following you reaching out to them:

How fast do they respond to you?

Do they answer all your questions?

How well do they/thoroughly do they answer your questions?

How positive or negative are the responses to your questions?

Feel of admin you'd be dealing with regularly beyond primary point of contact

Metrics I try not to factor in much or at all that many factor in far too much in my opinion:

How often they follow up with you

How a gatekeeper makes you feel

Are they a "yes man"


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