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Credit Card Strategies for Home Expenses

Updated: Jul 3

Above: Salamander in Middleburg, VA from a Points Stay: Image by Author

While some people are very anti-credit card, and you are playing with fire when playing with credit cards (pitfalls), I personally have reaped many rewards from credit cards in my lifetime, including the majority of expenses for my Disney engagement, honeymoon, & the majority of expenses on other travels for the past 5 years.

Credit Card Strategies to Consider:

Keep in mind that for the below, it's often ideal to stack more than 1 strategy, such as a new sign-up bonus & a promotional APR or a new sign-up bonus & a balance transfer.

New Sign-Up Bonuses (Greater Than the Amount Charged in Some Cases)

Balance Transfer Cards w Lower Interest or No Interest & No Balance Transfer Fees

Promotional APR (i.e. 0%)

Credit Cards Good for Home Expenses on a Recurring Basis

More Information:

Alternatives to Credit Cards

Pitfalls to Credit Cards


1. Financing Repairs/Renovations Prior to Sale

2. Cost Guide to Repairs & Remodeling

3. Where to Find Equipment To Borrow/Lease/Purchase for Your Property Repairs/Reno/Cleaning

4. "How to Understand Special Promotional Financing Offers on Credit Cards" by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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