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Construction Problems To Be Aware Of

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

There are a wide variety of construction problems to be aware of when considering a home purchase. Some of these issues are unique to the location, some are unique to the year or over a certain longer time period, & some are unique to the building materials used. In this article, I'll just be going over a small sampling of the possibilities that are common. Keep in mind that the time that a home is built is important, but that an issue that started 50 years after a home was built can still be a problem if replacements occurred during the time of the issue. For instance, polybutylene pipes in sections of homes older than 1978 due to replacements are more prevalent than you would think.

Asbestos (early 1900s to nationwide ban in 1989)

Air Quality Issues

"Chinese" Defective Drywall (2001-2009)

Electrical problems on especially older homes

Exterior Insulation & Finishing System (EIFS, aka synthetic stucco) 1969-2002

Flood Zones & Construction


Polybutylene Pipes (1978-1995)



Specific to Hampton Roads:

Cobblestone Chase Condominiums

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