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Adam's Desired Offer Elements When Representing a Seller

Updated: Jan 10

Seller preferences highly vary, but here are some typical components of offers that sellers I represent appreciate, as well as other information specific to my listings that would be helpful for a buyer's agent to know when making an offer.

Offer Type: VAR, Followed by REIN

Typical Basic Preferences

Atypical Ideal Offer Preferences

Unique to Seller Offer Preferences in Agent Remarks

Preapprovals/Proof of Funds

Businesses/Organizations Purchasing

Earnest Money Deposits (1%+ Ideal, but not Always Required)


Closing date preferences

Offer Sight Unseen

As Is Offers

Home Sale Contingent Offers

Escalation Clauses

Beyond Initial Offer:


Release Clause Preferred When Inspection(s) Occurred


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