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New Listing! 396 Georgetown Loop, Newport News, VA 23608

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Property Basics

Floor Plan

Photos: 1st Floor Living Area: Including Open Concept Living Room w/ Gas Fireplace, Dining Area, & Utility Closet

Photos: Kitchen w/ Pantry, Conveying Dishwasher, Fridge, Built-in Microwave, & Range.

Photos: Exterior

Photos: Bedrooms

Photos: 2.5 Bathrooms

Photos: Denbigh Community Center Half Mile Away

Photos: .6 mi to Stoney Run Athletic Complex

Photos: locations 3-4 miles away

Photos: locations 6-6.5 mi away

Why Choose Newport News?


Fast Showing Responses

Enhanced In Person Showing Experience

Excellent Live Video Options

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