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Denbigh Community Center of Newport News

Updated: Apr 19

With many free options available for residents as well as paid options available, Denbigh Community Center is a significant asset to the Newport News Community & especially to those located in close enough proximity to enjoy it regularly with ease. Just a half mile from communities like Georgetown Commons, the 52,800 sq ft center was built & opened in 2012. It hosts a double indoor gymnasium with full basketball courts as well as an impressive outdoor basketball court. You'll find an indoor walking track, seven multi-purpose rooms, a fitness room, a dance room, an early childhood center, an outdoor playground surrounded by exercise equipment & an interactive splash fountain. Sports available there & the adjacent Stoney Run Athletic Complex include baseball, basketball, field hockey, soccer, pickleball, and volleyball. The center's website is an excellent place to go with the most up-to-date information, with much of the information below quoted or otherwise ascertained from the website.


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Photos: Outdoor Basketball

Photos: Indoor Gymnasium for Basketball & Other Indoor Sports