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Why Matterport Virtual Tours for Real Estate Are Best, & How To Make Them Better

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

There is a major difference between the quality, usability, features, and cost of various virtual tour platforms. Those differences yield the best results to the seller statistically when using the best platform, Matterport. In addition, 2 different people shooting on the same platform at the same property w/ the same camera can yield vastly different results.

If you're only talking about Matterport virtual tours that are both in MLS in Hampton Roads (REIN MLS, the dominant MLS of Hampton Roads) where many buyers look and those that are getting auto-populated to popular websites like Zillow,

What are the Matterport virtual tours Adam uses for his listings & why does Adam use them?

Matterport is a virtual tour platform that is the top platform on the market today. Adam seeks excellence in all he does, constantly striving to do more for sellers and to go above and beyond again and again. Adam selected to use Matterport because it's the best platform for virtual tours of homes.

Statistics on Why Matterport Virtual Tours

Perspectives on Why Matterport Virtual Tours

Is Matterport really the best? See a comparison of 6 top platforms w/ 8 others not included because they weren't good enough.

Top Benefits of Matterport vs Competitors

Why doesn't everyone use Matterport? Higher cost & higher time on site is required.

The person shooting the virtual tours, how they shoot it, & how they input it in MLS can produce vastly different results even at the same house with the same platform.

The impact on searches is significant in part since many websites where buyers look for homes, including the top 3 real estate websites by web traffic, have filters to weed out properties with no virtual tour.

The top competitor of Matterport in Hampton Roads among active listings (Zillow 3D Tours) is not even 1 of the top 6 platforms by features, but is used because it's free.

Sometimes when Matterport is used, it's input in MLS wrong, making it invisible in places by agents who likely have no idea & likely regularly make the same mistakes.


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