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What to Look for In Limited Service Agents

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I am a full-service agent, not a limited-service agent, and never plan to be anything but a full-service agent. While I don't recommend using limited service agents, just like I don't recommend using other highly discounted agents due to sellers often receiving lower net profits vs a good standard agent, in this article, I wanted to go over what to look for in limited service agents in the event that you want to use one.

How Experienced Are They?

What do Their Reviews Say About Them?

What do Their Most Recent Listings Say About Their Work?

What MLS are they using?

Will They Show You the Data Input Forms Before Listing Input?

Will They Require You to Input Information in the Data Input Forms Before Listing Input? If not, how much will they input?

Will They Include ShowingTime?

What Lockboxes Do They Include, if Any?

What Digital & Physical Resources do They Have That They Offer at No Additional Cost or at a Low Additional Cost?

Will They Include Any Picture Captions, Especially of Area Photos?

You shouldn't just be hiring a limited service agent. If going the limited service route, you should also hire separately:

Top 3 People to Hire In Addition to Limited Service Agent

Consider hiring as well...


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