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What to Look for in a Listing Agent for Your Home or Other Real Estate

Updated: Feb 9

For sellers, a prospective listing agent's former listings speak volumes, and it's a good idea to compare some of the important elements of those listings to those of comparable prior listings at the same properties like I did for a seller here. Sometimes information on public websites like Zillow will have information taken down after sale, so it's a good idea to ask your agent for their past 6 sales. Pay careful attention to the amount of effort you see in their lowest price listing sale, especially one where the seller doesn't have it in good shape and is a fixer upper. If some listings have certain items in marketing and others don't, look at the price tags of those homes and see if there's a pattern. If not, the agent might only do something like that when requested. In some cases, the listing agent might offer different things based on the total commission offered or the % commission offered. It's a good idea to note patterns and ask your agent about the discrepancies.

Map below of my coverage area for sellers based on price range with MLS in orange & whited out areas being areas without as solid MLS coverage:

Items to look for before agreeing to interview a prospective agent for a listing appointment:

How Experienced Are They (Career Total Volume)?

How Are Their Reviews?

What Are They Communicating?

What Have They Published?

Are They a Team or Individual?

Check Their Price Range

Check Their Listings

Highly Enhanced Searchability & Details (standard with Adam)

Aerials (standard with Adam)

Matterport Virtual Tours (standard with Adam)

Professional Photography (standard with Adam)

Area Photos (typical with Adam)

What Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are used (up to 4 with Adam)?


More Details

Items to look for in your interview(s):

Detailed Walk Through of Your Home

Are They Candid & Honest, or are They Saying Nothing Wrong About the House & Trying to Win You by Befriending You?

Comparable Sales

Industry Knowledge


What Multiple Listing Service will you put me in?

Staging & Extras

Enhancing Buyer's Experience In Property

What Gadgets/Physical Tools Do You Have Available?

What Digital Tools Do You Have Available?

How do you Handle Showing Requests?

Do You Ever Engage in Dual Agency, & If so, Under What Circumstances & What Percentage of Sales?

"What are the selling features of my property?"

How do You Handle Multiple Offer Situations?

What do You Charge?

Will You Offer What Another Agent is Offering?

Potentially Misleading Questions if Asked in Isolation:


What's your average time on market?

What's your initial list price to sales price ratio?

How many properties have you sold in my neighborhood?

Can I Cancel the Listing Agreement in the Future Prior to Expiration?


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