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Short-Term Rental Options

Updated: May 17

To locate a short term rental, there's no one central source like for home purchases. It is best to create optimized searches with a property feed from at least 5 locations, even if a few of those locations pull from multiple websites each.

Traditional Short Term Rentals (Excluding Hotels):

Alternatives to the Above & Additional Information:

Technical Issue to be Aware of

Extended Stays at Hotels (Sometimes Limited to 60 Days Depending on City/County Law)

Traditional Options from Properties Listed for Longer Time Periods Than You're Considering

Rooms for Rent

Dorm Rooms

Creative Non-Traditional Strategies (i.e. RV rentals)

Other Considerations:

Determinations Prior to Beginning Your Search


Points/free night certificates especially for stays under a month

Crime & Area




Other Area Considerations


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