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Renting When You Have Low Credit or Eviction History

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

When you have less than a 620 FICO credit score or eviction history, acquiring a home can be difficult. Thankfully there are many resources today to help assist with securing a home for yourself.

Get Your Finances & Credit in Order:

Clean Up Your Credit

Establish & Stick to a Budget

If Your Credit Score is Below 720, Use Debit Cards

Have an Emergency Fund

Have Funds for a Double Security Deposit

Avoid Bad Debt

If You Have Debt, Use the Debt Snowball

Get Educated on Taxes & Ways to Save

Increase Your Income

Seek Rental Assistance

Build Credit Via Rent

Prepare for tenancy in non-financial/credit capacities:

Establish a Spreadsheet for Rental Policies by Company &/or Address

Check Whether You Should Rent or Buy

Look for Unwanted Properties

Seek a Flexible Landlord

Have Good References

If Renting With Someone Else, Have The One With The Best Score Apply

Rooms for Rent

Consider Craigslist & AirBNB

Use a Wide Search Area


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