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Why List on Thursdays?

Originally in my career, I didn't use to target a specific day of the week to list. Later, my dad suggested that all agents in our company list on Thursdays. My dad's opinion is important since he's sold likely over 5k homes, more than 20 times the volume of most agents in their careers & possibly more than any agent in SE VA alive. Now that I know that Thursdays are the way to go, I'm not going back.

Here are the main reasons why Thursdays are best, per Redfin data:

Not only should the list date be on Thursday, but the properties should be entered into MLS (or multiple MLS) on Thursdays. In some cases, a property could be listed one day, but not actually be entered into the MLS until a day or 2 later. That starts your listing off at an inherent disadvantage and should be avoided because market time is visible, able to be impacted by search filters, & influences value perception by buyers and appraisers alike.


The Case for Real Estate Agents Taking Off on Christmas & Thanksgiving (& why they are terrible days to list property, even on Thanksgiving Thursday or the Thursday prior to Christmas)

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