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Mortgage Lender Recommendations

Updated: Jul 6

In this article I wanted to go over specific lenders that I recommend that you consider for your home purchase. Keep in mind that the lenders I would recommend for manufactured homes, mobile homes, land, construction to perm, and commercial real estate typically differ than my recommendations for typical home mortgages.

Disqualification from Incentives Unless You Follow Lenders' Rules

Affiliate Lender Recommendations:

Garrett Mortgage: Say Hello to No Down Payment Required No Mortgage Insurance Conventional Loans

Mike Hartnett: Many Loan Programs, i.e. 16 Varieties of Renovation Loans

Non-Affiliate Lender Recommendations:

Lender (online) offering $2,000 in closing cost assistance for every $100k in cost, up to $10k for my referrals

$500 savings via My Referral w Another Lender

Lower (online)- No hard pull for a quote & low-cost refinances

Steven Carpel - reimbursement for credit repair

Lori Marrow - mortgage broker with many programs

NASB (online)- low rates & quick to respond

English & Indian Speaker: JiJi George: Speaks English & Indian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali.

Non-Affiliate Non-Profit/Government Recommended Lenders (Buyer Beware):

Lender (nonprofit) with better rates & rate buy down option than any on this page & where credit score is not considered (but takes longer than any other mentioned options & some above median income households will be restricted to buying in below median income areas)

USDA Direct Loan at 4.125% Rate up to 38 Years or 1% Interest Rate up to 38 Years

Lenders to avoid:

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