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Internet Connection in Real Estate

Updated: May 2

One of the deciding factors for some when considering a prospective purchase, and one factor that causes some to move or have buyer's remorse, is the speed of internet available in an area. While there are plenty of exceptions, generally speaking, the more rural the area, the lower the speed available for internet & the lower the speeds available for phone signals.

Check the typically available possibilities by address or zip code.

If you'd still consider a location or are already in a location in an area without very fast options for typical internet hard-wired connections, look into alternatives.

Alternative Options Introduction: My Temporary Relatively Effective Solution at My Home With No Hard Wired Connection Available for 1-2 Months

What to do if Not Getting Sufficient Speed

Where to Check for Wireless Coverage w/ Top 3 Carriers

Signal Boosters For Phones & Reception-Based Internet Plans


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