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How to Prepare the Interior of Your Home Prior to Listing

Updated: Jan 4

Image courtesy Raider Photography at a former listing of mine

Before listing your home, and even before a listing appointment for your home, if time is on your side, it's a good idea to take steps to prepare your home for it. If in doubt about something even the slightest, ask your agent or wait for your agent's guidance, and if they don't say something about it, ask.

Marking Items You Plan to Adjust or that You Have Questions About

Cost-effective interior preparations for your listing include the following:

  • Paint & Caulk

  • Declutter

  • Clean, Deodorize, & Place Equipment for Future Cleaning

  • Repair/Replace

  • Pest Control

  • Photos & Religious Items: you may want to make the home welcoming to as diverse of an audience as possible.

  • Functional Essentials

  • Staging


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