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How To Identify What Zoning a Property is In

In this article I wanted to identify how to identify the zone that a property is in.

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REIN MLS Matrix for Hampton Roads Agents & in The Public in Some Cases

For Hampton Roads agents, the public in limited cases, and for other agents using a variant of MLS Matrix, the process is relatively similar. The below are possibly the fastest ways to find the zoning as long as the tax information pulls up properly. That said, in some cases, it won’t pull up properly or could be outdated.

Step 1: Check the zoning information in the listing:

1st check to see if the zoning information is in an active listing. If you look on Matrix there is a section for zoning under “General Description”, like in this example with C2 zone:

That said, sometimes a listing won’t include zoning information within the listing, as it’s optional:

When a property doesn’t include that information, if you’re within Matrix as an agent, go to the Tax section, and then the Zoning section:

If you're a member of the public, or if the tax information is missing within Matrix & you're an agent, it's sometimes best to go right to the tax records (see section on tax records).

Public, Most Accurate, But Takes a Little Longer & Many Different Websites to Navigate- Tax Records

NARRPR - Agents

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