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How to Find a Real Estate Agent That Speaks Your 1st Language Online

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

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In the home buying or selling process, if you're looking to purchase in the United States, or another country where the language of the country isn't your first language, it's not a bad idea to consider language when selecting an agent. If you don't speak English fluently, finding an agent that speaks your language should be one of your top priorities and part of your filtering process for weeding out the vast majority of agents. If 1 decision maker speaks English fluently, but the other doesn't, it's important that both decision makers have full understanding to avoid confusion. Below I'll go over how to find an agent that speaks your language online on Zillow or as well as what to consider if you're not finding a speaker of the language you know best. (Desktop/Laptop View) (Desktop/Laptop View)

Check NAR's Directory

Beware of Other Languages with Teams

What if You Can't Find Someone Good Who Speaks Your Language?

Reducing Cultural Conflict if You Can't Find Someone Who Speaks Your Language

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