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Details For Buyers Agents When Showing My Listings

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In this post, I wanted to give some more details about showings of my listings specifically geared toward buyers' agents.

1. Lockboxes: Always a Contractor Box & 1-3 Electronic Boxes (REIN, CBRAR, &/or Williamsburg based on MLS dominance), But Never CVR Boxes

2. Scheduling Showings via Showingtime Digitally or by Phone

3. Pictures/Video/ Optimized Virtual Tour

4. Refreshments Typically Available

5. Please Use Shoe Covers if Provided at Front Door

6. Showings by Adam if You're Unavailable

7. Conflicting Showing Times Policies

8. Second Showings

9. Inspections/Estimates Prior to Offers

10. Desirable Offer Elements

11. Other Offers & Deadlines

12. Questions

13. Additional FAQs

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