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Appraisal Guarantees

Appraisal guarantees are where a buyer makes an offer where they guarantee, cash at closing, to pay above the appraisal amount, typically up to a certain # not to exceed the contract price, if the appraisal comes in below the contract price. In this article, I wanted to share more details.

Contracts are Strongest if They Include Waived Appraisals

Contracts are Stronger than Typical if They Include Above Appraisal Guarantees

Sellers Are Less Likely to Get Appraisal Guarantees if They Overprice Their Home.

Caps on Appraisal Guarantees

Contract Differences on Appraisal Guarantees: VR vs REIN

Proof of Funds is Best Provided with Above Appraisal Guarantees

VA Appraisal Guarantees

What Happens if a Buyer Makes an Offer with No Above Appraisal Guarantee & Then the Property Appraises Low?

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