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1. Finances

Here I go over listing/sales price, mortgage amount/other liens, commissions, closing costs, & repairs/updates

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2. Your Credit

Your credit is important when considering selling unless buying your next home in $, moving in somewhere where your credit score doesn't matter [i.e. with family at no cost], or not selling your primary residence.

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3. Your Living Needs & Desires

Upsizing, downsizing, moving, & investing

4. Home Keeping Alternatives

Stay in your home, rent out your home, & more

5. The Market in Your Sale Area & if Applicable, Considered Purchase Area

6. Interest Rate Projections/History (unless buying in $)

7. The Kind of Loan/Financial Assistance You'll be Using if Applicable

8. The Home You'll Choose

Downsizing, Upsizing, Location, & More

9. Your Income

Your income is important whether you're renting next or buying next

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