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You've Signed a Buyer Brokerage Agreement! Now What?

So you've signed a buyer brokerage agreement and gotten another step in the process of a home purchase. In this article, I'll share about some of the next steps to focus on:

Search Recommendations:

Highly Recommended: Stay on Top of Searches Your Agent Has Established For You

Highly Recommended: Setup Email to Text of Property Alerts if You Haven't Already

Recommended: Consider Establishing a Zillow FSBO Search & Other FSBO Searches

Showings Recommendations:

Highly Recommended: Prepare Your List of Properties You Want To See

Highly Recommended: Reach Out to Adam via Text (or Email Him a Text & CC His Main Email) About Any Properties You Want To See Due to Urgency or About Anything Else Urgent

Highly Recommended: Instructions if Seeing Properties Without Me

Highly Recommended: Thoroughly Check a Property Online Before Requesting a Showing, Especially in Areas Where Your Agent is Restricted by Law

Highly Recommended: Consider Safety & Wear Proper Attire

Recommended: Consider Gadgets

Highly Recommended: If You Ever Perform a Video Showing With Me, See My Tips

Recommended: More Showing Recommendations

Financial Recommendations:

Highly Recommended: If Using a Loan, Don't Make Any Big Purchases on Credit Without Consulting Your Lender or $ Purchases That Could Deplete Your Savings Beyond What You Need to Close

Highly Recommended: Get Your Lender's Cell if You Don't Have it Already

Required: Keep Funds Set Aside

General Recommendations:

Recommended: Reach Out to Adam via Text, Email, or Call About Anything Not Urgent

Recommended: If you have time, familiarize yourself with the market.

Required: At Minimum, Include Your Agent in Communication with Sellers & Listing Agents or Don't Communicate Directly with Them

Offer Recommendations:

Recommended: Familiarize Yourself in Advance with Local Offer Agreement(s)

Recommended: Familiarize Yourself with a Competing Offer Situation


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