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Why Adam likes to ask listing agents/sellers about pictures prior to showings


Video and pictures are both useful at times as I help buyers in various capacities, as I list here.


I have hundreds of gigabytes of footage downloaded onto Google drive-in a private format that is not visible to the public. When allowed, I sometimes provide direct pictures/video via text, attachments via email, or specific links to specific properties that are given to the buyers that request them who have requested a showing at that location who either join me in looking at a property or request that I video the property and/or take pictures while they are in a remote location such as another state/country.

One example of them being helpful for a buyer is if the buyer is not present and wants a video showing of the property or if the buyer wants video footage or pictures for another party who is not present who could be advising them such as a family member. Another example is when I or a buyer takes a picture of an HVAC, appliance, or another label in order to further research information on the unit even if the pictures online include a picture of the unit. Another example is when something is not present in pictures, and again, even with Matterport, there are always items not present, including most commonly the internal condition of attics with scuttle access, the internal condition of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inside fuse boxes, inside crawl spaces, and every angle of the home that the photographer did not reach, with no photographer ever reaching every angle. Another example is when there is something different about the property than when pictures were originally taken. Never are all aspects of a home visible in images online, even when Matterport footage is available, and pictures and videos have been quite helpful in my past experience. I like to ask prior to showings because of the plethora of times when a buyer who has not previously requested video or pictures requests it on the spot and needs an immediate response, in addition to times when they do specifically request it. In most cases when I make the request, the prospective buyer has not made a specific request, however, based on past experience I find it helpful to receive seller permission in advance to avoid unauthorized imagery.

All pictures and videos of homes of sellers that I do not represent are for personal reference for myself and buyers to help determine various factors regarding a potential home purchase and will never be posted publicly without express permission from the seller for something to be posted publicly, which is quite rare. An example where I requested public pictures was after seeing something in a house with the seller present that was very interesting that I had never seen before, where I asked specifically for their permission for posting a picture of that singular item on social media. In most cases, I exclusively ask for pictures for personal reference, not to be posted publicly. Prior to any picture being posted publicly, I would explicitly request to do so. Most requests for pictures are for private use only.


Some sellers in the past have denied the use of photography and videography despite the personal reference nature of my request. If that is the case, please let me know, and I can inform the buyers.

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