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Why & How to Promote Your Neighbor's Listing

Some neighbors see the value of helping others, helping their neighbors, and see how it helps themselves & their own community when it comes to helping neighbors with their home sale. Many however don't realize what all they can do. In this article, I wanted to share more about why helping your neighbors is a good idea, and what you can actually do to help.

Why Help Your Neighbors Sell Their Home?

Positively Impact Property Values for Homeowners

Did you know that the primary method of valuation of homes is comparable sales? That means that every sale in your neighborhood matters for your own home value. Having a higher home value increases your net worth if you're a homeowner.

Positively Impacting Neighborhood Quality 1 Home at a Time

Ability to Choose Your Neighbors

How to Help Your Neighbors with Their Home Sale:

Maintain Your Home Exterior

Don't Play Loud Music Audible to Other Homes

Clean Up Trash at Your Home

Maintain Your Vehicles

Offer to Put a Directional Sign in Your Yard

Share Agents' Listing Post With Others

Email Others

Why Help Others?

Christian Reasons to Help Others

Philosophical/Faith-Based Reasons to Help Others Outside the Bible

Science-Backed Reasons to Help Others

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