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When to Perform a Walk Through

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

There is typically not 1 "right time" for a walk-through unless repairs aren't completed until <48 hrs before closing.

Typically I recommend 24-48 hrs before closing for only minor revisions, while 5 days prior for major revisions from the home inspection or on new construction on an incomplete home.

With the timing of the walk-through, we are balancing the following: A. The closing date B. Your schedule

C. Your agent's schedule

D. An inspector's schedule (if using an inspector for it) E. The timing & magnitude of repairs completed, if applicable

F. The liability of time between when the walk-through occurs and when the home is closed.

G. Your timeline for move in

H. Seller/occupant move out timing

I. Weather

For a more in-depth analysis of walk-through timing, see my spreadsheet on the subject here.


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