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What to do if You Already Decided on an Agent Without a Referral from Adam or Adam's Opinion of Them

Updated: Mar 29

Typically, getting a referral from Adam will be the best approach to finding an agent in an area &/or price range that Adam doesn't cover. That said, what should you do if you already made a commitment or already contacted a friend without Adam's input?

Whether You're Selling or Buying

If you don't already have implied agency & if you haven't verbally or otherwise agreed to anything, it's not too late to interview additional agents. Also, even if things are already in writing, sometimes agents you have already made written agreements with will still be willing to acquiesce to your requests for items that Adam does or outsources highly effectively that's an important element for listings that may not be typical of that agent.

If You're Selling

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Resources to Use from Adam

If You're Buying

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