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What to do After Your Agent Activates Your Search

Image Courtesy OneHome

In this article, I go over buyers' next steps & tips following activating a search with an agent, including those items directly related to the search and those items indirectly related to the search (i.e. preparing for showings).

The Search Itself:

When Will I Get Properties?

Activate Your Search(es)

Consider Text Alerts

Consider Adding a Secondary Party to Searches

Be Quick to See Searches

Keep Your Searches Active

Familiarize Yourself with the Agent Portal(s)

Consider Setting up a FSBO Search

Beyond the Search:

Be Prepared for Showings

Do Some Due Diligence Before Showing Requests

Know How to Alert Your Agent that You Want to See Properties (i.e. text)

Be Prepared for Offers

Have Your Financial Documentation in Order

Add Adam to Your Safe Senders via Email

Communicate Your Preferences to Adam


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