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What To Do After Ruling Out Adam's Open House

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

As much as Adam would love to sell buyers properties where he represents the seller from an open house that he's hosting, that doesn't always happen. If that's you, here are my top recommendations:

Image courtesy Art Louis Photography at a former listing of mine

Let Adam Know to Reduce SPAM related to the open house

Adam is representing the seller, so it's his duty to market the property. As such, it's not uncommon for him to want to check in with buyers that have been to the property for an open house, especially at times like price reductions and if there's an active offer. For those still considering the property, that can be very helpful information to know, but for those who have ruled it out, there's no need to get contacted about it.

Get Text Notifications for Any Property Searches You Have

Optimize Property Searches

Optimize Public Property Searches

Optimize Property Searches with Your Realtor

Be Prepared When the Ideal Property Becomes Available

Use the Resources Out There, Including My Buyer's Guide


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