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Virginia Association of Realtors Non-Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreements

Updated: May 9, 2023

In this article, I'll be going over, in brief, the Virginia Association of Realtors (VAR) buyer brokerage agreements in chronological order. This form is still present as of today, 2/5/23 in the 7/19 version. The below is not a full summary but provides more details where beneficial.

For a deeper dive into buyer brokerage agreements, go here.

The buyer brokerage terms include:

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

Parties & Start Date of Agreement

Property Type (or address)

2. Term

3. Broker's Duties

4. Buyer's duties

5. Compensation

6. Dual/Designated Agency

7. Disclosure Regarding Dual Agency

8. Recordings within the property

9. Miscellaneous

10. Electronic Signatures

11. Wire Fraud Alert

12. Other Terms

Signatures & Broker Information


For the full brokerage agreement without some of the typical revisions I do, here it is, though be sure to look for any differences between the below and the actual agreement I send you (i.e. strike throughs of language & redactions added outside of the paragraph, input in section 1, 2, 5, & 12, etc.:

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