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The Importance of Timeliness in Real Estate

Time is of the essence in this business and an extra 24 hrs can mean the difference in a deal or no deal or thousands of dollars at times. There are tight timelines at times in the buying and selling process. Timely action & communication can mean the difference between whether a buyer gets a house or not, and whether a seller gets a good offer or not. Part of my role is to ensure that you are not in breach of contract and that we are able to respond in such a way that we get positive results from the other party involved in a transaction. That said, I never want a buyer or seller to sign something where they don't know what it means. I also want the buyers and sellers I work with to always feel comfortable about making highly informed decisions about one of the biggest decisions of many buyers' and sellers' lives. If you don't, the likelihood of buyer's remorse or seller's remorse is much higher. It’s never too late or too early to reach out to me.

What Sellers Need to Know: Fast Response Times for Showings

What Buyers & Sellers Need to Know: Timelines for Inspections

Offer Timeliness

Client Communication Preferences

Communication Platforms


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