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The Importance of At Least 3 Interviews for a Real Estate Agent

Interviewing Multiple Agents is an Industrywide Highly Regarded Best Practice

In fact, I think it would be difficult to find an article advising that you only interview 1 agent. I haven't found one yet. Let me know if you find one. If your brother or your maid of honor/best man is your agent, it may be different, but typically, I would advise interviewing more than one agent. You'll find numerous articles on the importance of interviewing at least a few agents. The Balance states, "Smart consumers will interview several potential real estate agents before they settle on which one they want to work with." According to this article on Bankrate, you should "interview at least three real estate agents." Upnest has a whole article devoted to "Why You Should Always Interview More than One Agent." While I don't agree with everything in those articles, I hope that these reputable sources have been able to demonstrate this industry-wide best practice.

Why So Many Buyers & Sellers Only Interview One Agent

Why Interview More than One Agent:

Agent Comparison for Seller Example: $40k Lower Sales Price & Listed 1 Year Longer After Using the Wrong Agent

Agent Comparison for Buyer Example: Distant Nightmare Home Ruled Out In Multiple Offer Situation Prior to Showing

Is it too late for you?

Why So Many Buyers & Sellers Only Interview One Agent

In cases like this one, it's popular for people to do what's easy & to misunderstand the significant difference in the outcome of your sale from using an agent that is "good enough" vs one that is fantastic. It's easier to interview only one agent than it is to interview 3 agents. I don't know of anyone who found some article saying it was a good idea. It's just the easy thing to do, not realizing that another 3 hours could mean a $10,000 price tag difference & a month less of market time. I don't know about you, but I don't typically make $3,333 per hour, so if I was a buyer or seller, it would absolutely be worth my time an extra 3 hours resulted in a $10k positive net for me. It's not just a matter of the final price tag either, but a matter of time itself. What agent you use really matters.

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