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Showingtime & Alternative Showing Services

Updated: Jan 13

My default policy with sellers I represent is to use ShowingTime. I was one of the first agents at my company to adopt it and pay a monthly fee for it that I feel is absolutely worth it to provide more buyers coming in the door to increase the quality/number of offers on properties. Below I'll be sharing more about ShowingTime, cheaper competitors that were too problematic for me to use, & more.

Image courtesy ShowingTime


What is ShowingTime?

What Can Sellers Do In ShowingTime

Top Benefit of ShowingTime: More Showings

More Showings Means a Higher Net for the Seller

Secondary Benefit of ShowingTime: More Advanced Notice for Showings

Third Benefit of ShowingTime: Feedback

Not all Agents Use ShowingTime Well

ShowingTime Competitors


Biggest Positives with Homesnap Showings, Showingtime, & Instashowing: Immediate Controlled Contact from Buyer's Agent to Occupant Exclusively for the Purpose of a Showing Request in a Systemized & Organized Fashion

Biggest Problems with Homesnap Showings & Instashowing: Times Available for Scheduling Showings (Exact Same Problem with InstaShowing)

Automated Feedback Sent Directly to Sellers, with Issues for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: No Templates Possible for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: No Showing Setup Until Entered into MLS for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: Issues with Multiple MLS


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