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Should You Sell to a Cash Offer Off-Market As Is? "Patterns of Parasitic Purchasing" Per Drexel.Edu

Updated: May 21

You may have seen the "We Buy Houses!" signs, received postcards from them, received calls from them, or received texts from them. If you haven't yet, you probably will soon if you become a homeowner. In this article, I wanted to go into why to disregard these almost entirely, & how you can have peace of mind that if you sell with a real estate agent, you wouldn't be losing out vs one of these buyers.

Just How Much Less Will Sellers Sell For According to Drexel University Research Lab? "less than half the value they would by using traditional methods."

Laws Created to Limit Predatory Practices Common Among "We Buy Houses" Investors in Philadelphia

Laws Suggested to Limit Predatory Practices Common Among "We Buy Houses" Investors

Exclusion Clauses in Listing Agreements Can Give Sellers Peace of Mind That They're Not Leaving Money on the Table by Listing with an Agent

Why the We Buy Houses Have Time and Money to Reach out to You

Is selling a home for cash a good deal?

The Bait

The Catch: Introduction, Including Investor Profit Margin Goals & Costs

The Catch: Contingencies & Clauses

The Catch: Wholesalers

The Catch: Cash Buyers

What if You Need to Sell Quickly?

Don't Let Them In Your Home Unless Your Property is Listed Well Already

Be Familiar with Ways to Keep Your Home if You're Struggling with Payments

How Often Do People Sell to an Investor?


See also "RE Taxes" in the spreadsheet linked here for SE VA cities/counties, then scroll over to the various relief/deferral columns.

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