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Sellers Overpricing Their Home

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Image Courtesy Chuck Dunlap

In this article, I wanted to go over in more depth sellers overpricing their home.

1. Higher market time diminishes perceived value by buyers and appraisers.

2. A Real Estate Agent's Mutual Goal with Sellers Based on % Commission Especially Is Highest Net Price.

3. Some Agents Will Intentionally Not Share Improvements with Sellers, Reducing The Seller's Net.

4. How Much Money You Put Into Your Home Doesn't Determine Value, But May Determine If you Sell or Not If You Might Take a Loss if You Sold It for What It's Worth.

5. If You Put in Too Much Money to Avoid a Loss, Consider Alternatives to Selling.

6. Some Agents Won't Work with You if You Won't Agree to Their Suggested Price.

7. If Your Home Is Listed Too High, Don't Take Too Long to Drop the Price.

8. Adam's Double Appraisal Guarantee

9. Season Impacts List Price, & It's Especially Important to not Overprice Your Home in a Seasonally Depreciating Market

10. Ruling Out an Agent Over List Price Differences is Typically a Bad Idea


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