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ShowingTime Optimized Instructions for Sellers

Image courtesy Showingtime

ShowingTime Basics

What is ShowingTime?

What Can Sellers Do In ShowingTime

More Showings Means a Higher Net for the Seller

Seller Survey Related Questions

ShowingTime Best Practices

Text & Email Updates

It's ideal to have automated text updates with ShowingTime & the owner (as well as other occupants in some cases, i.e. tenant occupied properties) so that when a showing request is received & confirmed, all occupants in authority can be on alert & respond accordingly.

Quickly Respond to Showing Requests

Confirm as Many Showings as You Can

Consider Staying Somewhere Else Completely Initially

Staying at Home During Showings

What to do if You Must Decline a Showing


ShowingTime & Alternative Showing Services

Where to Go While Your Home is Getting Shown

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