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Top Problems with Showingtime Competitors

Updated: Feb 3

In this article, I wanted to share the top issues I find with Homesnap Showing that it is an option available for agents (often freely if their MLS covers their Homesnap Pro accounts), but that I typically don't recommend due to the issues with it, & how other Showingtime competitors like Instashowing have similar issues.

I was willing to work with some of these issues, but as long as the only increments for showing are in the max showing time allotted & only at set times based on the first available showing of the day combined with that increment, I don't recommend it.

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Below I'll be going over primarily options that don't include ShowingTime. ShowingTime, while more expensive than alternative showing services like Homesnap & Instashowing, is the best option available in my opinion. I am one of a handfull of agents at my roughly 100 agent firm who bit the bullet and pay for it for my own listings.

Biggest Positives with Homesnap Showings, Showingtime, & Instashowing: Immediate Controlled Contact from Buyer's Agent to Occupant Exclusively for the Purpose of a Showing Request in a Systemized & Organized Fashion

With any automated showing service, these are going to be the strongest features, and this case is no exception, with a variety of options for notification.

Biggest Problems with Homesnap Showings & Instashowing: Times Available for Scheduling Showings (Exact Same Problem with InstaShowing)

Automated Feedback Sent Directly to Sellers, with Issues for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: No Templates Possible for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: No Showing Setup Until Entered into MLS for Homesnap Showings

Another Problem: Issues with Multiple MLS

I really wish that there were more options with showing services other than Showingtime. The problems with Homesnap Showings have caused my dad, Greg Garrett, who has led one of the top 50 Real Estate teams in the nation, to not use it. He currently doesn't use any showing service but the old-fashioned way of reaching out directly to someone at GRP (an assistant in his case). I typically use Showingtime & pay monthly for it.

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